We are bringing various different worlds together into a single Platform that will be a mutually beneficial to all those involved in using the platform. This being used to learn about the 4th Industrial Revolution:

  • Indigent youngster Students become Employable youth – who really want to learn and are self-driven, but do not have the funding to do so. They learn off this mobile app for free.
  • Workplace Sponsors – who really need the 4th Industrial Revolution skills that are & will be in such high demand. They Sponsor the free learning and get the expertise in return.
  • Online Course Providers – that offer remote courses on the internet at reasonable prices. We use the free and low cost courses in the lower levels to keep the costs down but still teach the students valuable info.
  • Learning Platform Producing employable youth – that can get paying Jobs from the Sponsors or others, to support themselves and their families.

Platform Business Model

Platform Business Model

The goal is to try and unleash some of the potential solutions we can see in plain sight by bringing together those indigent youngsters who do not have much financial backing, by offering a guided self-help training curriculum to them for free.

Using gamification, the more students learn, are assisted to be more self-driven, the more courses, data and content they will unlock in terms of free courses to study. The students will be put onto a career track which they find most suited to their individual aspirations and capabilities. At some point they will also unlock themselves a free laptop on which they can develop software and learn practically in a lot more depth. As Students progress, those that self-help and show competence, will gradually move into a more formal training environment with better equipment and be given more in-depth courses. Ultimately they will be mentored as well as mentor to those students lower down the levels.

The Students would be in a position to qualify with multiple industry certifications, and finally be assisted in finding sustainable employment. The goal is that all through the learning stages, that Sponsors could optionally monitor the students progress and even chat to and encourage them to succeed.

We aim to raise funding from sponsors in order to provide internet data and on-line courses to those that sign up, later to sponsor Laptops to those who prove themselves. The initial goal is to move 100 people into gainful employment, but the sky is the limit here, we will certainly not stop if we reach that goal!

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