How it works

There are 15 Levels. Each Level has 5 courses you must complete. For every course you complete you will receive a badge. Courses range in time spent from 1 hour to anything up to 75 hours, depending on the content being studied at the time. Completing each level will get you more internet data for you to use to study further. We will make sure there is enough data for that level. Each Level completed will also get you another badge on your profile.

In the beginning, until you have proved yourself and your ability, you will have to study on your phone. But we will supply enough Data and the Courses for free. We start at the very beginning. We assume you know nothing about computers and give you all the background. The first 3 Levels are about General IT. Once you have done this introduction, you will refine your career track and pick one of the other learning Tracks that is more focused on your interests and capabilities. You will then do another 5 levels.

Once you pass those courses, you will receive a free laptop of your very own, so you can work from home and continue doing more courses. We will continue supplying free data and courses. As long as you pass each course you will get data for the next course.

Finally after passing a lot of courses and receiving a lot of badges you will ultimately end up with a series of 75 course certificates. This will go into a really impressive CV for any IT professional to look at and be impressed with, making it so much easier for you to get a job in this new and growing world of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Once passed and completed, you will be placed out to the job market and the sponsors who had paid for you will get the first choice to employ you, however by then you will be very employable and should have no problem getting a job. This skill set will also give you the ability to be employable internationally, be that where you work remotely from home or actually go to the destination country. The sky will be the limit, if this is the sort of thing you enjoy and are good at doing.

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