For Sponsors, the process could not be simpler. We require you to register on our Mobile App and specify the sort of employee skills you are looking for and how many people you require per skill in your organisation. Make a proposal on how many students you would like to sponsor. In order to train a student, we require roughly in the region of ZAR 20 000 ~ USD 1000 per student to take a capable person from zero to hero. Certainly someone who can come into your organisation as an intern and who will have the relevant knowledge to assist you in this fast paced 4th Industrial Revolution, with coding in AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, etc.

We will have various learning tracks for students to follow. General Office workers, Developers, Testers and Data experts, each with knowledge of the Cloud, some AI, some Big Data, some IoT, etc. We will also solicit input from the Sponsors themselves to ensure we are offering what is required to ensure a constant stream of funding.

Adopt a student. In terms of Employment, we will not promise employment to the students directly, nor will we promise the sponsor a guaranteed person to work for you for your donation. However we will encourage Sponsors who have donated in units of USD 1000 more more to scroll through the list of Students and look at their progress, dedication, speed of course completion, pass rate, interest, etc. with the view of adopting one student per USD 1000. The Sponsor will then “Follow” the Student to show both the Student the interest in them by a Sponsor thereby encouraging them to continue and complete their overall training curriculum. There will also be an optional Chat channel for offering encouragement and motivation for those who wish to use it.

The benefits of sponsorship are many and profound for both Individuals and Organisations:

  • Tick your Corporate Social Responsibility box requirement.
  • You and your organisations sponsorship will be assisting in improving the overall social and economic structure of South Africa and Africa.
  • You will be giving someone who never had a hope, but who has motivation to lift themselves out of poverty and make something of themselves and their direct families, even if you do not employ them and someone else does.
  • Your Organisation will get visible online social advertising and exposure showing just how much your organisation cares for the ever growing indigent and jobless population.
  • Assuming one of the Students does end up working for your company, you will have someone who is really grateful for the opportunity wanting to pay it back and be highly driven to succeed.
  • And for the bean counters, the donation to an Non-Profit Organisation means that you will be able to claim it off tax at the end of the year. Its definitely a win win for all concerned!
  • We are currently negotiating an added B-BBEE benefit to your company too. Not finalised yet.

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