Minimum entry requirements as they currently stand (this could change in our negotiations with the Sponsors who provide the money to fund this):

Students can be of any age >= 15 years old.

Students must be able to read English.

Students must have a smart phone they can use for the courses.

Students can learn anywhere they can get Mobile Data coverage.

What we will assist with to make it easier for you to learn for free. If you pass all of it you stand a massive chance of getting employed by one of the Sponsors who paid to assist learners:

  • Free mobile data, enough for each level.
  • Each level you pass unlocks more free Data, you will be given more data to learn the next level, and so on.
  • Once you reach a certain level (still to be decided and dependent upon getting enough Sponsors to pay for them) you will receive a free laptop to do the remainder of all the levels and tracks. We realise people cannot really develop on a phone only.
  • No need to travel away from home, unless you need to reach a place which has Mobile Data coverage.

Please note. This process does not guarantee you a job at the end of all the learning, even if you pass everything. What it does do, is give you the learning and data for free, a long list of certificates that prove you managed to do all the required learning, so that you will be in a very strong position to be able to get a job in the 4th Industrial revolution era. Of course we also believe that if Sponsors have funded you and know your huge skill set and knowledge, they would be crazy not to employ you!

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